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Well first off let me start by saying HI!! And thank you for stopping by my page!! My name is Jacqueline but I mainly go by Jackie. I was born and raised in Montebello California and love it!! I just turn 21 in April and went to celebrate in Sin City Vegas!!

††††††††† I am currently attending Rio Hondo Community College where I`m planning to transfer to Cal State Long Beach and graduate with my Masters in Public Administration!! One day soon I hope!! And in between all the school work and work and everything else I love to go and hang out with either the family or friends!!!


††††††††† Family is also every important to me seeing as how I come from an extended family. when I say extended I mean extended!! HahaÖ and because there`s so many in my family I plan to wait until I move out and on my own to have my own family! But donít get me wrong I love them all even though they can get on my nerves but they`re family right?!?!!


††††††††† ††††††††† ††††††††††††††